Sit Ups With Back Injury


No matter how much you want to get those six pack abs, the very last thing that you want to do is to do sit ups with back injury or any other type of injury. Doing sit ups or any type of exercise for that matter with a back injury can only lead to more pain and trouble.

The best thing that you can do now to get your six pack abs, is to wait it out. You won't get any type of form or technique going if you persist in doing sit ups with back injury present. In fact, sit ups if done in a certain way, can aggravate or even promote back injury. This is one of the reasons why emphasis is placed on form and technique rather than on a higher number of reps. The other reason being, that proper form and technique will help you to work the abs muscles faster, of course!

That said, although doing sit ups with back injury is not something that you should do, there are a number of people who manage to get around this problem by buying themselves specialist gym equipment that will take the strain away from their back when doing sit ups.

Indeed, for some people doing sit ups with back injury present is not a non-option ?they need to live with this problem for some time and doing sit ups even with back injury is a goal to be achieved. However, if this is the case, then something along the lines of guidance from a properly trained physiotherapist or fitness coach is probably going to be necessary.

The best thing that you can do however, would simply be to stay from doing any form of exercise altogether, especially if you have only just suffered from a back injury. Give your body time to heal without placing additional strain on it so that you can be fighting fit the next time you want to get back onto your exercise regime to get six pack abs.

And even once you have recovered from your back injury, you will still want to be very careful how you do your sit ups. Remember that sacrificing proper form and technique to higher reps, is not going to do anything for you, and might even aggravate your newly healed back injury. So stay away from doing sit ups with back injury, and wait until you are fully better to do so.

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